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Hydroponics – Some Basic Facts and Figures

In hydroponics, growers use solutions of combined water and specially formulated nutrients together with a substrate or grow-mix in place of soil. These techniques yield rapid growth and maturity, meaning earlier harvests and hardier crops. And hydroponics ability to provide growth rates 30 to 50 percent faster than plants grown in soil under the same conditions should be enough to win over the most doubtful gardener’s heart!

Experimenting a little with the various techniques and systems hydroponics offers can make even a beginner look like a serious growing pro. Why? Because it permits tight control over light, temperature and humidity, three factors essential to robust growth, while requiring a minimum of maintenance. Picture it…you, too, could grow vigorous plants while virtually eliminating the need to weed, squish tomato horn worms, fight invisible aphids, or combat foliage fungus-amongus. Intrigued? Read on.

Hydroponics never involves soil, but not all soil less methods conform to the traditional definition. Some growers omit the nutrient solutions, which disqualifies them from calling their harvests hydroponic. ‘Real’ growers employ two methods of hydroponics – one uses purely solution cultures and one employs various growing mediums, such as gravel, sand or even Styrofoam. Regardless of their choice, using a nutrient solution is what uniquely defines hydroponics. As you might guess, the art of hydroponic growing binds its fans as tightly as a twenty carat engagement rock on an eager bride-to-be.

Happily, even if you’re just dipping your toe in the water for the first time, you can successfully grow garden crops or flowers just about anywhere hydroponically – even out of season. Because plant roots grown hydroponically have no need to spread to search for water and nutrients, they only need minimal space requirements. Even if you only have a small patch of basement, balcony or rooftop available to devote to your hobby, you can still grow marvelous crops.

Just like gardening, hydroponics has therapeutic benefits. And, to continue the wedding metaphor, you’ll find it a boon for relationships. That it requires low maintenance and generates little mess appeals to lazy husbands and fastidious wives alike, doubtless saving countless marriages from imploding. But the best deal on hydroponics, hands down, is the results it can generate – healthy, strapping plants, including edibles that taste better than any you’ve squeezed on the grocery shelves.

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